I studied agriculture and I maintain a pear orchard in Thrace, Northern Greece. I am a musician and I work as a full-time luthier of traditional Greek instruments since 2017.

I started reenacting when I was fifteen years old, and as with everything, the beginning is always difficult. For many years I was the only reenactor I knew and  my research was a lonely process. 


My luck changed when I found other passionate people at a Yahoo! group, and later at the Roman Army Talk forum, a great source of information.

My first stimuli were the work of Peter Connolly and the website of Matthew Amt on the Greek Hoplite, which is still an excellent source of information and inspiration!

In 2011 I contributed to the first International Greek reenactment gathering, and the first reenactment event in Greece, for the 2500th anniversary of the battle of Marathon, which took place at the historical site of the battle of Marathon.

In this event I was followed by a small company of friends with similar passion about history as mine, and we founded our team, the Rhesidae, which takes its name from the mythical king of the Thracians, Rhesus. 

In 2015 I helped organize the second international reenactment event at the battlefield of Marathon, which educated more than 1500 students and other visitors on Ancient Greek every day life and warfare. 

2022 will see the third big international reenactment event commemorating the 2500th anniversary of the battle of Plataea, and which will take place in the historical battlefield.

Since 2003 I have been dedicating big part of my free -and not so free- time into the research and reconstruction of ancient greek material culture. I created this website to constitute a database of my acquired knowlege, and a handbook to help others with the same passion as mine.