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School demonstrations at Marathon
Charging "Marathonomachoi"
Hoplites at rest
Don't mess with dangerous armed men
Reenactment is fun
A typical late archaic hoplite
The fighting part of the Rhesidae
Archaic Aristocrat
The bulk of the army
The Riace warrior
Exact replica vases
pins, arrowheads, lamp, money, sling
United Hoplites of the World




Compared with other cultures and eras, Ancient Greek reenactment is still in its infancy. This is hardly due to lack of interest by people around the world, on the contrary Ancient Greek culture is quite popular in many circles, and reconstruction is one of them. However the relative lack of concrete evidence even about the most mundane objects, like their clothing and cooking utensils, as well as the complexity with which these were constructed back in the day, make Greek reenactment a very challenging endeavor. This website seeks to present a refference point for the new, as well as the experienced reenactor for all things concerning bringing Archaic and Classical Greece to life.

The backbone of good reenactment is the quality "humble" objects.

Glittering bronze will catch their eye!

If you have any suggestions or if you find mistakes in my descriptions and interpretations please contact me (with evidence) and let me correct and improve this website.

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Dedicated to bringing history to life


The League of Archaic and Classical reenactors

The League was created by the groups that took part in the Marathon 2011 event, with the purpose of organising and promoting international archaic and classical reenactment events.

Based in the UK, the Hoplite Association was formed in 2001 as the world’s first re-enactment society solely dedicated to recreating the life and experiences of the Classical Greek period.

Taxis Plataion is dedicated to the portrayal of the citizens of Plataia during the time of the Battle of Marathon. Their goal is to explore methods of ancient Greek warfare and to examine the customs and culture of the period.

The Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne are a group of people who are located in Melbourne and the state of Victoria who specialise in Ancient Classical and Hellenistic Greek re-enactment. The group's focus is to study, replicate and perform with military and civilian equipment from the period of 500-200 BC.

We are a group of historical reenactment and experimental archeology that seeks to represent Ancient Greece and Magna Grecia, Carthaginians and Etruscans, with historical reference period VII-III BC

Comitatus re-creates Classical antiquity from the glory that was Greece to the grandeur that was Rome. We aim to bring something of the culture of the ancient Greeks to our shows, concentrating on the later 5th century and 4th century BC. 

Reconstruction of the people and the circumstances in the time between 500 and 300 BC in classical Greece, the hellenistic states and the neighboring cultures.


Shoot an email, or give RHESIDAE a ring to learn more.

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